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Website Makeover

Why You Need To Website Makeover?

You may have innumerable reasons to redesign. But ask for yourself a few questions.

  • Are you satisfied with your current website?
  • Does your website comply to current web standards?
  • Are your visitors satisfied visiting your website?
  • Is the website user-friendly and easily navigable?

A site redesign need not necessarily be expensive. If your site is still attractive and functional much of the content may be reusable in your redesigned website. This can reduce the overall cost.

We bring variety of website makeover to ease your requirements.


Website Homepage

Your homepage opens-up your company website to audience. The design and information on the website homepage creates a first hand impression on the visitor about the company. Your website homepage presents your business on internet through links to inner pages for businesses. The short homepage URL tells visitors about your business and what is in store for them on the website.

A visual appeal and user friendly site homepage with unique, stylish and usable design stands out to hook customers on your website for more details you want to convey. Catchy headlines, eye-catching images and well-designed graphics, call to action, clearly organized layout, simplicity and teasers makes a perfect homepage to engage visitors.

Your unique website homepage showcases your high quality niche products and services and helps to build trust and confidence in the visitors about your products. It promotes markets for the products and raises the pitch for sales promotions. The design and information on the homepage develops confidence in the visitor for repeat visits to the website.

WebTOUCH™ website redesign services help recreate unique, stylish, and usable designs to support you to have a competitive edge over your competitors. Your website stands apart among the rest.

Products Page

Product pages provide information using a combination of text and images to users about a product before they purchase it online. Appealing graphic images with product options, product costs, headings and their availability are effective product pages. Product page should be able to answer queries of visitors which they might ask.

Product Pages tell prospects everything they need to know to make a purchasing decision with detail product information written in a way which makes sense. Visuals are equally important as "Visual Language" of the website is far more effective. Ease to navigate and attractive websites create a great impression in absence of face-to-face customer service.

WebTOUCH™ puts proper amount and mix of information that online shoppers are looking for in product pages and leads to achieve certain goals. We include important elements like headline, opening hook, overview of benefits and closing the sale for product description pages. WebTOUCH™ carries the home page message, put a cart button in a prominent location, use top-quality product images, make the price obvious, create clear concise product descriptions and page titles with review and test.

Photo Galleries

A collection of displayed photos on website in different layouts including, albums, thumbnail galleries, sidebar galleries and slideshows is called photo galleries. Slideshows help create an element of a good story by combining the shots for building slideshows with photos or audio. For professional looking website gallery and slideshows is best choice.

Display of chosen images in series done in artistic or for instructional purpose is called slideshow. Slideshow can be made using transitions and animations where music, sound or narration can be added which can run unattended using custom timing. Many presentations are composed of several slides.

At WebTOUCH™ we make Light-box, Flash-based slideshow application for presenting your photos and videos online. While building a slideshow we consider all the shots to build a slideshow and the elements of good story with the chosen photos or audios.

WebTOUCH™ make effective slideshows having a sense of summary with photo galleries to make attention grabbing openings.

Feedback or Sign up Form

Sign-up pages are most important pages on a website and reflect on the success of any site. These pages help list visitors and exhort a commitment. They are money pages for many websites which determine success for the sites.

Simple sign-up pages convey the trustworthiness of your business and visitors develop engaging relationship with you. As the sign-up page is important be sure to make effective page for visitors and for maximum impact place important sign-up box on your website. An effective review and improved sign-up page helps drive visitors in exchange for their name/email address.

WebTOUCH™ team redesign effective sign-up pages by keeping the form simple with good reason for every field and make sure your form don't break and remain on your domain following the look and feel of your site. Sign-up pages with navigational consistency are the most effective when it comes to users checking before signing up. WebTOUCH™ increases your effectiveness of sign-up page by putting the sign-up box on top of every single webpage, use a popup box before a visitor leaves to grab their free report and include a PS where we provide hyperlink which takes visitors to a sign-up page.

Complete Website

Thinking of redesigning your website to make your website look attractive, to develop right style, to promote, to get better optimization, to change words for more appealing, for good graphics, for user friendly, to make site more professional, to match your competition. Complete website redesign ranging from basic website design to simple website design, from database driven websites to ecommerce websites, from B2B websites to dating websites.

Website redesign can be a vital step towards new success of your website. It benefits as the appearance of website will improve through well-designed graphics, and clear layouts. Promotion ambience, search engine optimization will be increase overall success of your company, through encouraged sales of products or use of services.

Outstanding complete website redesign company WebTOUCH™ analyzes and works closely with you to obtain online results. We redesign website for professional, fresh and active look, make the site appealing, multi platform compatibility, keep your website updated, improve interactivity of the site, and improve loading time of the site.

WebTOUCH™ creates innovative designs which captures the imagination and follows by a familiar and easy to navigate path.

Email layout Desgin

WebTOUCH™ creates innovative email designs which captures the imagination and follows by a familiar customised based on client work and profession. It can be used for email marketing or even greeting to other clients.

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